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Seedling Seedling

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Other then that little rank, amazing rpg game you have my good sir! The music kept me so entertained I purchase the entire album! Though the fighting mechanics could have been a little more polished.

My only complaints is that their is no map, no indication as to what to do next and no option to change the quality settings I think. I got through the ice temple and now I have no clue as to where I'm suppose to go.

This game is quite amazing and sir, I think you should create more! Seedling sequels sound like a good idea, you can branch so many ideas from this peculiar game. It sets up more background story and more missions and maybe more exploring land and such.

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Final Ninja Zero Final Ninja Zero

Rated 3 / 5 stars

THE CONTROLS ARE HOOOOORRIBLE. I hope you were actually even thinking about the control scheme??? The arrow keys are practically next to the mouse, and I'm pretty sure no one is left-handed with the mouse. So I suggest options to change the control scheme because playing with the arrows keys on the bottom left of my keyboard with the mouse on the other made me feel really awkward.

Other then the control schemes, music is good, the pixel based art is good, everything about this game is good. Just fix the damn controls please.

Nitrome responds:

The in-game help clearly states you can use both arrow keys and WASD.

take care of the trees take care of the trees

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game, so many different things that speak to me when played. The game itself tells us that while the main character is given the task to "To Take Care of Trees" which is a rather boring task for we all know, his brother embarks himself to go into town to get his "axe".

To take care of trees makes us learn patience and care. While the main characters brother embarks on the path of destruction to destroy the trees to reach his main objective. To me, I see two split personalities within human kind. Their are some of us that prefer to be peaceful and free-minded to obtain our goals. While their are some of us that rather use force or violence to obtain the desired objective.

This game overall just displays what kind of beings we really are. In the end, everyone is just DIFFERENT. Which is what makes humanity a beautiful thing and a dangerous thing.

The art, simplicity and the music of this game really made me loved it. I just wished their was so much more. I felt like towards the end when you kill everyone and everything else, you were now going to explore as to why your brother did it. Though technically "he heard music" which maybe cleared to the fact that it told him to do it or drove him too? I don't know, but my god this game is just making me think alot. Loved it!

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Johnny Upgrade Johnny Upgrade

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun time waster. The animation was spot on, I wanted to sort of tried to finish it as fast as possible, so I got it around 5:58 with only 33 deaths.

Like everyone else before me, I figured this be a game like Upgrade itself. Oh well, it didn't bother me enough to go ahead and play. Though I wished this was longer. 1 level and 1 easy boss wasn't just enough for me and JOHNNY UPGRADE.

DN8:Pulse DN8:Pulse

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A fairly fun game. It's more of a good time waster than anything since both hard and easy are quite to be honest, simple. I completed both sides and I had fun with this game though.

The cons with this game are obvious though.

-When engaging huge amounts of enemies, I think someone mentioned all the bullets they fired kind of made it very "hard" to even see your own ship, so avoiding is somewhat difficult, though I don't know if that was intended.
-I don't know if the difficulty determines this but I quite never understood as to how I die sometimes. On Hard, normally, the big bullets would just graze me, but than the smallest bullet would kill me. On Easy it was somewhat the same but even with full shield I somehow die.
-The perks weren't at all that beneficial. The only ones I really appreciated were 5 lifes, X2 and the Homing Missiles. Everything else was just not usable.

The pros
-Easy understanding of the game, a 4 year old can understand the concept.
-You showed us highlighted lines of where the enemies were too appear, so it help us prepare for the oncoming wave.
-Interesting model designs for all the spacecraft.
-Game got increasingly harder.
-Very colorful game and I loved the backgrounds and 3-D models, I think it was a nice touch.

Very good game, hope you have more interesting ideas for the future.

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Squize responds:

Thanks for the review.
I think with the perks they're a personal preference thing. The graze one I think helps a lot, the 5 lives is a no brainer ( With the first DN8 quite a few people suggested you should get all 3 lives back at the start of a level, but I'm not a fan of that, so the lives perk was me trying to find a happy medium between the two ). The homing missile I don't think is all that, it just looks pretty.

As for the dying, it's only the red spot at the centre which is hittable by bullets, so where there's a lot of on-screen action it's sometimes tricky to actually see what killed you.

Great review, thank you.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game was really fast paced which I did not expect when I started playing. The very first few missions were probably the easiest in the game, but they progressively got harder and spawned faster than before. Though I do have some pros/cons I'd like to discuss.

Firstly, the cons.
-While it was a challenge using your system of scrolling through weapons, I found myself randomly pressing the wrong keys by mistake because as soon as you're near the 2nd boss or 3rd boss, the game itself becomes SO fast and switching weapons through the arrow keys sometimes made me go too fast. If it was me, I'd feel more comfortable if you can just use the scroll from the mouse to switch weapons since not only are you still able to shoot and concentrate, the scroll just happens to be next to your trigger finger.

-No save point in this game. It was a real bummer when I first lost and I had to start ALL over again. I probably put 1-2 hours into the game but when I finally lost on Hard, well, I kinda regret putting all that time and effort just to do it all over again.

The Pros
- The limited upgrades made this a very good challenging game, not just your boring shooter with so many upgrades that suddenly you're OP.

-The weapons were fun to use though probably I used the pump action the least. I felt each weapons price was fairly priced.

-Graphics were really sharp for pixels! And I liked the idea for that huge robot. I expect to see more of those in your games. I'm now a fan! haha

-The enemy itself was a good challenge. Always making it harder and making us get into the game. The new flying units were probably the most annoying for me though I got through them fairly easily.

So basically, I had alot of fun with this game! Though I think the only downside I can think of while I did not add it in the cons, was the lack of response from your little 3 man squad. Clearly, it's YOU doing the work and destroying. I know their just there for support but they hardly helped to be honest. Same with the droids..though I never got to unlock missiles for them. Maybe tweek the squads AI to respond faster to enemies? To be honest I felt like I was wasting credits on them if they hardly shoot/kill anything while I was playing.

Retromite responds:

Thanks for the feedback =) We actually wanted to use mouse wheel for weapon cycling, since it really is perfect. However, it seems flash doesn't work well with it, depending upon browser, OS, and even portal.

The guys and drones can become quite effective, but we didn't want them making the game go on auto pilot either. Still if you invest heavily into them, they can be quite effective, and an alternate approach to the heavy mech upgrade path.

Madness: Project Nexus Madness: Project Nexus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very amazing game. Love the fact that you can do so much in Arena Mode. Sadly it is very limited but of course this game is only in a "beta stage" in my opinion so of course it may improve over time is The-Swain and Krinkels decide to make more advancements to this with updates.

Though overall I want to go over with pros/cons that I found in this game.

~The Pros~
-Very entertaining Arena Mode.
-Ability to dress up character and give him a huge variety of armor, clothing, weapons.
-Current Arena stage is large enough to withstand huge mobs of enemies till certain waves like 35-beyond.
-Campaign is fun, it's just like Krinkels series, just that you're controlling what is happening.
-Simple system for which any new person can actually like and enjoy themselves.

~The Cons~
-Arena Mode has VERY limited melee weapons. I don't know if that's because those itself are limited in the Madness World but I'd like to see more of those.
-THE LAG after Waves 35 and beyond. I'm pretty sure everyone has addressed this as one of the downfalls in this game. It's really annoying when you spam the shit out of click by mistake and your character just keeps doing shit you don't want it to do, ending up you losing and starting all over.
-Attachments should be bought separately so we can customize our own weapons even further.
-Price range is WAY too low. After a few saved up $ I can easily buy anything. Make it more difficult to buy legit weapons please.

Overall though, THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I always find myself going back to this game and playing it and ignoring all the cons I've stated. As much as I want those to be fixed, I love this game, that and I want to unlock all the medals. So basically, what I'd like to see as improvement are my cons and maybe spice things up with new Arena Stages? Like for instance, every 10 waves is a new Arena Stage, with a unique environment for you and your squad to deal with. More cover, more traps, so on and so on. The enemies repetitiveness I don't have a problem with but I do get bored of the same stage.

K I'm done ranting.

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Creative Kill Chamber Two Creative Kill Chamber Two

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Metals don't work. Other than that, this was fun. If only it was a little bit more longer.

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Portal Panic Portal Panic

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Uh, this game is kind of boring. Not much fun to be honest. It was a good idea but it just lacks more..action. I don't know, but maybe this being based as a platformer, meh.

The Last Stand Union City The Last Stand Union City

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Extremely laggy in some cases.

The game is overall fun, though when you experience lag in such a fun game, it makes you frustrated. Though I do understand this game is HUGE in terms of files, 18.9MB, but that does not give you an excuse to say, "Oh it's laggy, deal with it".

Overall, this is way more fun then last stand and last stand 2. Really enjoyed the add ons, the weapons , the assistance, just everything about this game was good. Just the lag that killed it and that ruined the overall score.

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